viernes, 6 de mayo de 2011

Projet: Very Important People

Albert Einstein was born in 14th of march 1879 in Germany.
His father and his mother were jewish.
He was a Math teacher. His woman was Mileva. They had a son. his name was Hans Albert Einstein.
The family went to Praga. He was very famous because he discovered the relativity.
He had a Nobel Prize. He died in 1955.
He was a genius and very intelligent.
He had a moustage and brown short hair. He had a small eyes and a big nose.

Madame Curie
Madame Curie was born in novenber 1867 in Varsovia.
Her sister Zofia died for Tifus and her mother two years later.
She loved reading and fisic.
She married Pierre Curie and they studied and worked toghether.
She discovered x-rays and beause of this she was very famous.
And she had the Nobel Prize in 1911.
She died in 1934.
She was intelligent but very ugly.
She had curly hair and small mouth.

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